Paper and Board

Paper and Board

The paper industry was integral to the development of weaving at United Wire and our knowledge and experience of broadloom weaving is a valued asset for many of our customers. Although broadloom cloth now has many varied uses in Architecture and Design and Industrial Processes, the main applications remain within the paper and board industries:

Cylinder Mould, Roll Cover

Metallic wire mesh mould covers used in the paper, multiply board and fibre cement industries can be supplied either diagonally seamed or in open-ended format, for thru / through dryers and moulds in the production and stock preparation areas, for suction couch roll covers, or for concentrators, thickeners and save-alls.

Our Stainless Steel 316L top and bottom covers are manufactured to customer’s specific size requirements using our pioneering Micro Plasma Seam in specifications ranging from 5 mesh Half Round to 60 mesh.

Cylinder Mould Covers - Page Square-resized

Mould covers for cylinder vat machines and stock preparation areas of the paper mill

Security Paper and Watermarks

Wire mesh for the security paper industry is typically woven in Phosphor Bronze – it is commonly supplied in open-ended panels ready for seaming, in as woven condition or annealed after weaving.

Our mesh has been used world-wide in the manufacture of paper which is used for example to print bank notes, currency, passports and other social security documents.

United Wire Bronze mesh is woven and finished to the provide the tightest control on squareness which is required to meet the very specific demands of the watermarking operation.

shutterstock_761444125 Menu Square - squared

Precision bronze face cloth and backing mesh for embossed or electrotype watermarks on fixed or expanding cylinder moulds for the Banknote Paper Industry

Dandy Roll Covers

Dandy roll covers are manufactured from Phosphor Bronze or Stainless Steel mesh, fabricated with a straight or diagonal seam and used to apply watermarks, either by electrotype or embossment.

Paper and Board Page Sqaure for Dandy Roll Covers-resized

Stainless Steel or Phosphor Bronze woven wire cloth for use as plain wove Dandy roll covers either in open ended or diagonally seamed form

Pulp Moulding

Stainless Steel or Bronze wirecloth from 40 to 60 mesh per inch can be supplied in rolls or panels, annealed after weaving for forming into transfer moulds for manufacturing trays, packaging and containers, typically from recycled paper and cardboard.

Plup Moudling Square-resized

Annealed wire mesh in rolls or panels for moulded pulp packaging and trays


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