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Polymer/Plastic Filtration

Extruder screens and filters Tool cut, layered welded or rimmed packs In-house manufacture for test and design, large scale production for high usage economies

Fine Filtration

Our meshes are produced to exacting technical standards to meet the most demanding applications world-wide, frequently requiring bespoke weaving using wire only from selected mills


UW procedures stipulate tighter tolerances than those allowed under ISO9044 and our meshes are used with confidence by OEM screen suppliers including our sister company Sweco

Filter Leaf

Leading supplier of flat, flawless and furrow free mesh panels cut to any shape and size. 904L mesh woven in-house with a global customer base

Processing Bands

Woven mesh belts supplied endless or open ended, welded and mechanical joints stroked back, welded or plasma cut edges

Oven Bands

Made to order in a single continuous length, UW’s 5×5 carbon steel woven mesh oven bands can be supplied with stroked back or soldered edges

Architecture & Decorative

For decorative glass, mesh partitions, ceiling and wall panels in custom weaves or off the shelf solutions

Art and Design

Mesh for structural interior and exteriors, for sculpture, screen printing, paper making and moulding and to your design

Fuel Cell

Weaves in custom specifications and special alloys for use in Fuel Cell and Electrochemical applications

RFI & EMI Shielding

Specially produced copper and stainless steel meshes suitable for all shielding applications in rolls or panels, supplied to custom sizes

Oil & Gas

Original suppliers and manufacturers of Petroweave® for the sand control industry meshes for oil-screens and heat shields using stainless steel and nickel chrome alloys

Catalyst Support Gauzes

Woven in Fecral proprietary alloy, screens can be supplied to any diameter, fabricated using precision seaming techniques, or supplied seamless to special order

Wind Tunnels

Flow Conditioning screens can be supplied to site ready for installation at widths of more than 10 metres

Paper and Board

Broadloom wire mesh supplied open ended or seamed, for security paper, mould covers, thickeners, forming and dewatering

Insects, Bees and Birds

Mesh designed and suitable for insect screening and pest control, varroa mesh and soffit mesh