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Wind Tunnel Flow Conditioning Screens

From the assembly line to the chequered flag, United Wire has supplied screens for use in automotive, aerospace and research wind tunnel installations throughout the world for over 40 years.

Typically woven using Stainless Steel 316L, screens can be manufactured in a single piece up to 9.00 metres wide.

Larger screens are manufactured by seaming smaller sections together. Our specialised micro plasma seaming technique uses no filler material, provides minimal interruption to adjacent apertures, and maintains a minimum of 80% integrity of the parent cloth. Seams are ‘invisible’ and can be off-set and positioned to best suit the conditions of the chamber.

Throughout the finishing process, attention is paid to ensure the flatness, squareness and stability of the screen material. Screens are supplied rolled and packed to best standards, and although our screens are usually supplied to site ready to be installed, seaming can, if necessary, be undertaken within the tunnel facility. We can arrange for assistance with installation as required.

Wind tunnel screens, flow conditioning screens and foreign object detection screens for automotive and aeronautical applications