On-Site Seaming

On-Site Seaming

For certain products and applications simply supplying the woven mesh product is not enough, especially in the case of process beltsIn particular, softer end products can be highly sensitive to the mark imparted by the seam from a conveyor. Our in-house micro plasma seaming technique for Stainless Steel wire cloth has been adapted to operate in the field so that our operators can join the belts on the customer’s machine. Under production conditions, the virtually mark free joint has generated production efficiencies for our customers, resulting in increased volumes of saleable product.

With minimal extra equipment, we are also able to join belts with our pre-prepared spiral loop seam in the field, for use as profile extrusion curing oven belts.

A prior on-site consultation with our technical representatives will establish the optimum seam for your product and machine.


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