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Whether Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel or Copper, our standard range of mesh types is not just restricted to industrial applications.

From the Hobbyist to the Sculptor, woven wire mesh lends itself well to being cut and formed – the only limiting factor is the imagination.

Examples of the enterprising uses for which our products have been used include:

  • Sculptures. We have supported the artist David Begbie for over 30 years.
  • Papier mache moulds for model scenery and set design
  • Car grille mesh for the DIY enthusiast
  • Fashion accessories
  • Domestic or commercial radiator grille covers
  • Silk screen printing – fine stainless steel meshes
  • Paper making – brass and bronze 20 to 30 mesh per inch


When cutting mesh to size we recommend use of protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses.

Modelling mesh, car grille mesh, wire mesh sculpture and papier mache scenery moulds