RFI & EMI Shielding

Woven Mesh for Electromagnetic Shielding

A woven mesh incorporated into building materials, or installed as a single layer, can act as a faraday cage inhibiting radio frequency (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). This, for example, can help block communication signals or transmissions, and can protect sensitive electronic equipment from external interferences and high frequency electromagnetic waves.

We stock a broad range of Copper and Stainless Steel wirecloth suitable for these applications, and while copper is a preferred medium due to its conductive properties, any metal may be effective, and Stainless Steel is therefore proposed as a suitable economic alternative.

In all cases, our selected specifications are light and malleable and can be cut by hand with a good pair of shears – or for convenience, the mesh can be supplied in full or part rolls slit to a specified width as required, or it can be ordered for supply in panels of mesh pre-cut to precise sizes.

The wire mesh is held in stock in rolls up to 30.5m long, typically at 1.22m wide or wider.

Selected Stock Range

Plain Copper:

16 to 100 mesh – detailed specification:

CMS 1300 0800 0250 0200 0140
Free Area 67.8 45.0 38.7 60.7 30.4 %
Wire Diameter 0.280 0.380 0.160 0.056 0.114 mm
Nominal Aperture 1308 775 263 198 140 micron


316 Stainless Steel:

16 to 100 mesh – detailed specification:

SSMS 1300 0870 0550 0300 0200
Free Area 72.5 67.3 68.8 62.5 60.8 %
Wire Diameter 0.236 0.190 0.114 0.076 0.056 mm
Nominal Aperture 1352 868 554 287 198 micron

To supplement our stock range of suitable meshes, we can arrange for custom weave of any item up to 2000mm wide (with options wider), and we would be pleased to discuss any variation on aperture, wire diameter or alloy necessary to meet a precise technical brief – we are expert in developing niche and bespoke weaves to meet the most demanding customer specifications.

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Faraday cage copper mesh for rfi and emi shielding


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